DeLorean 2021 by Ángel Guerra

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Angel Guerra, from Seville (Spain).

I have been working since 2008 as a car designer in many brands (five years in Rimac Automobili the most recent one) and I would like to share with you my design tribute to the 40th anniversary of the DeLorean DMC12.

   I completed this project in the last three weeks of november 2020, during my free time, and the reason behind it all was that I have failed to see any good proposal in recent years for a new DeLorean, meanwhile the original car and the movie still present in the collective memory of several generations.

   I have been thinking that with a new proposal I could start a movement to bring this idea to the fore and maybe have a new DeLorean and a new movie for the 40th anniversary of both; DeLorean (1981), Back to the future (1985).

   Of course, this project is not related to either the DeLorean Motor Company brand or the movie Back to the Future, this is just a design tribute without any commercial activity.

   I hope that you enjoy this project and…

… And since we have a new design, why not build up a time machine time out of it?

   I think that we are in time, maybe it is up to you to allow this history to be continued…

Your friend in time, Ángel Guerra, November 2020.

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