F40 Legend

Today, I would like to share with you my new design exercise about one of the most iconic car from the 80´s, the F40 and one of his race versions, the LM.

During the 80´s we enjoyed an era of amazing supercars, but the king of all of them was the F40. As for me, the F40 is close to his 40´s and many things happened during this period in the history of supercars (hypercars nowadays).

Hypercars are much longer, a bit higher, almost the same width and heavier. The wheelbase has grown up around 200 mm, overhangs became longer, wheels are much bigger… and new technologies, ergonomics and safety have been added underneath.

In this quick design exercise (2 weeks), I tried to transfer the original F40 design into a modern wheelbase (4650mm) with 21 inches rims. Besides, I have improved the surface quality of the model, giving a modern treatment. I did not want to make new crazy things or new non-sense features, just touched the minimum from the original design and brought it into a nowadays package.  

This project is not related to the Ferrari brand, and does not have any commercial purpose, it is a free design exercise just made for fun and I hope that you will enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “F40 Legend

  1. One of the most refined and beautiful car designs I’ve ever seen in my life, the attention to adapting and advancing all the old details in to new and modern sleek design elements is mind blowing, much respect keep work hard, thanks

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